Support Lines offers a wide range of high quality industrial Waterproofing systems and services to its valued clients throughout Saudi Arabia. The well-equipped and experienced engineers and technicians are devoted to ensure a high standard of services at a very competitive rate.

 External / Internal Waterproofing

High technical knowhow to install external / internal Waterproofing systems in leaking locations as well as new foundations, basements, swimming pools, car parks, and underground water tanks by utilizing EPDM, PVC, all kinds of bituminous membrane and HPDE liners miscellaneous protection.

 Roof Waterproofing

Varied roofing system materials technically suitable for our local weather conditions stored in our Waterproofing bank, to be installed by highly trained Waterproofing technicians under close supervision of qualified and experienced engineers.

Light Weight Concrete Application

High quality lightweight foam concrete as heat insulation with the latest machinery and qualified technicians offer guaranteed insulation that minimizes heat and noise.

 Thermal Insulation Materials

Additional expertise is available to insulate roofs with quality materials on job sites. This requires the highest degrees of precision and technical knowhow, which are offered by our company.