Protective Coating




To prepare the surface free from rust and apply suitable protective coatings to ensure full resistance against corrosion.

Reference Standards:

SSPC, NACE, SWEDISH standards.

Base Metals:

Steel, concrete, stainless steel, galvanized iron, tanks of any capacity, structures upto any height, pipes of any diameter from 25mm and more.

Materials Used:

Abrasives – Copper slag, steel grit, steel shot, garnet.

Coating Materials:

Materials from major paint manufacturers.

Special Equipment:

Automatic blast machines, vacuum blast machines, special conveyors, internal blast machines suitable for small dia pipes.

Specifications Achievable:

  • Cleanliness up to SA2½ and SA3
  • Anchor pattern suitable for any type of coating

Application Approval & Certification:

Approved applicators of all major paint manufacturers within Saudi Arabia.
Approved contractor for Saudi Aramco, Yanpet, Saudi Electric Company, SABIC group, Bechtel, Siemens, Doosan, Hyundai, Belleli, etc.

Quality Control Activities:

  • Non Destructive Testing : Measurement of dry film thickness and holiday testing of tanks and vessels.
  • Destructive Testing : Adhesion testing