Corrosion Management Program (CMP)




Support Lines provides Corrosion mapping which involves scanning one or more straight beam probes over a prescribed, dual axis scan pattern over a pipe or pressure vessel surface whilst taking thickness measurements.

The measurements are converted into digital values which are color-coded to create topographic maps of the vessel or pipe wall thickness profile.

CMP is a tools used to manage asset performance and maximize plant reliability and utilization without compromise to safety and the environment.

This program provides engineering guidance and requirements for improving Corrosion Management practices in oil and/or gas production and processing facilities. It has been formulated with the objectives of:

  • Reducing the number of corrosion related hydrocarbon releases and other safety related and environmentally damaging outcomes.
  • Identifying good practices for setting up an optimal corrosion management scheme.
  • Providing an overview of the top corrosion threats to production and processing facilities downstream of the wells.