Security Risk Assessment




Though cyber-attacks may be inevitable, the damage to an organization is not. Executives can limit the damage caused by cyber-attacks by implementing a strategic and technical risk management program to protect their most valuable assets. The first and most important step in achieving this is assessing a company’s risk: identifying its most important information, assets, and legally protected information; understanding the threat to those assets and their vulnerabilities; and, forecasting the consequences of a successful cyber-attack.

Unfortunately, many companies misallocate security resources today, spending valuable time and money protecting information and systems uniformly, but all bytes are not created equal, and all assets do not warrant the same protection. Executives want to spend their limited security resources protecting the most important information in their networks – the formulas, processes, designs, research, and strategies that make their companies valuable – and the networks that run their most important operations.

By focusing on a strategy of identifying and protecting key information and systems, executives can be more confident that their companies will be resilient to the inevitable cyber-attack and that they are investing their security resources in line with their corporate objectives.

Support Lines partners with corporate leaders to prioritize their most valuable information and systems, assess cyber risks, and understand the consequences of a successful cyber-attack, thereby paving the way for an effective risk mitigation strategy.