Road Marking



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Support Lines Road Marking division specializes in the Thermoplastic & Cold, Road Marking applications and having an approximate yearly production capacity of marking of 200,000-300,000 m2 of road surface (roughly 15,000 km of road length). It has the maximum production capacity of 30,000-50,000 m2/month. The division possesses world rated HOFMANN H33-3 & H18-1 machine units, GRACO LINE LAZERS, SMITH Cutters etc.

 Services Include

  • Road marking & Airfield marking with Thermoplastic and Traffic Cold Paints.
  • Supply and installation of different types of road markers: Cat-Eyes, Ceramic Studs, Traffic & Informative Signs, Curbstone Painting, Antiskid Surfacing, Traffic & Crash Barriers, Traffic Cones, Traffic Safety Apparel, Road Marking Machines etc.
  • Tire Grip Installation on the roads.
  • Removal of existing road marking using machines.

 Reference Standards

Specifications of Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs, Saudi Aramco, Royal Commission, British and American Standard.

 Materials Used

Thermoplastic Paints, Traffic Cold Paints, and Tyre Grip.
A hand applied colored skid resistant system which is suitable for application on asphalt and concrete surfaces.