Commercial Services




Our mission is to become an efficient supplier capable of meeting the industrial and commercial requirements for clients within the government and private sector in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region. We are leaders in sourcing and supply of all industrial material. Our material sourcing team is with extreme product knowledge and sourcing support all over the world.  The customization is based on the client’s interest and the process shall be completed within time. The customer satisfaction is given prior importance. The team also assists the clients with their suggestion and helps. whereas our Procurement and Quality Assurance works meticulously so as to ensure that the procured materials meets the highest industry standards and fully conversant with the metallurgical and engineering issues facing our customer, as well as the logistics of moving the materials.




Industrial Material and Equipment:

industrial-material-and-equipment1 industrial-material-and-equipment2 industrial-material-and-equipment3

A. Mechanical:

  • Bolt Machine
  • Shaft, Pump
  • Motor Electric
  • Switch with accessories
  • Blades
  • Bowl, plate, knife, bin
  • Valve with  accessories
  • Roller Conveyor
  • Mesh Wire
  • Lights and Lighting System
  • Hydraulic  Motor
  • Meter Flow
  • Dispenser , Refrigerator
  • Gaskit
  • Power Supply
  • Muffler Type Exhaust
  • Gauge pressure
  • Shield CPR Face
  • Insulator , insulation
  • Shaft brake
  • Cutters


 B. Electrical:

  • Module Power Supply
  • Meter Electric
  • Switch Proximity
  • Cable Communications

C. General Material :

  • Casing, Band
  • Anode
  • Bed  AYR Medicare
  • Label Color White
  • Caster Type Wheel
  • Coating Compound

Insulation Materials:

A. Rockwool:

Duct Wrap   Blanket   Slabs
insulation-materials1 insulation-materials2 insulation-materials3


Loss Wool   Pipe Section
 insulation-materials4  insulation-materials5

B. TIC  Material

tic-material1  tic-material2 tic-material3