Process Safety Management










Objective of this Service is to obtain sufficient information to be able to decide whether specific facilities:

 Are able to sustain specified blast loads with no or minor modifications;

  • Can be upgraded to sustain specified blast loads.
  • Should be relocated.

The assessment Report will also include:

      • Risk numbers for each of the facilities.
      • Graphical displays of the risk contours based on Facility type and occupancy.
      • Graphical displays of the pressure and impulse curves for the occupied facilities.
      • Sensitivity analysis (i.e. if one plant at site is shutdown, how the contours look like. This information is used to place the connxes during turn-a rounds).
      • Review Structure design of the client Building according to new condition of API St., risk assessment results and suggest the solutions for the facility.
      • Fire and Toxicity Analysis in which Facts and Factors for the Protection as part of the security in the plant.  Specifically:

          • Identification and assessment of fire risks.
          • Study of potential ignition sources.
          • List of relevant recommendations regarding the improvements that should be done in the plant.

          • Identification and assessment of toxic risks by leaks and spills, combustion sub-products in fires, chemical decomposition of water and other waste products, etc.;
          • Study of potential toxicity sources.
          • Study of exposure of people to toxic products. Parameters to be assessed.
          • List of relevant recommendations.